Decentralized Hedge Fund
The Future Is Here

Earn an average of 10% a month (based on past performance) and DHFT referral rewards by investing in a Decentralized Hedge Fund autonomously ran by artificial intelligence, entirely for financial management.

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Right Time for Cryptocurrency Investment

DHF for Better Flexibility and Improved Security. DHF is NOT  a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). DHF will trade for you 7 days a week with the AI to give you a monthly average of 10%.

Earn $20 DHFT for each referral

10% AI fee on your monthly earnings

1% Transaction Fee on withdraw

Fast Daily Withdrawal & Approval


Create An Account

Sign up and activate your account by providing an email, password and a $20.00 activation fee. No KYC required. This process grants you access to your dashboard, where AI will start cryptocurrency trading for you.

Start Trading

After activating your AI trader with a one time $20.00 activation fee, the AI will start trading to ensure profits through your DHF statistical and analytical dashboard. Deposit and withdraw options on the panel enhance production and keeps track of your earnings.

Start Earning

Artificial Intelligence technology programmed with financial growth functionalities works for you continuously. Relax and let the technology work at its highest efficiency. When you refer DHF to others, you will earn a one-time $20.00 DHFT referral reward.

DHF Cryptocurrency
Debit Cards (coming soon)

Debit cards will be available to make your cryptocurrency investment and earnings available for everyday use, giving you the freedom of choice when it comes to managing your funds. You can conveniently spend digital currencies without waiting for withdrawals to hit your bank account.

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