QuBitTech Official Launch has successfully concluded on October 2020 at a closed event in Dubai. We managed to collect more than 150 leaders of affiliate networks and introduce them to the main QuBitTech team during these days.


The development ideology of QubitTech implies the creation of its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, as well as distribution of platform resources among its users.

QubitTech users are professionals and newcomers who want to get rewards and bonuses available to the users of the QubitTech platform, only made possible by application of technologies of tomorrow and with the synergy of the best talents on the market.


QUBITTECH Affiliate Program

To work with Affiliates, QubitTech has created a Binary Affiliate Program that allows users to unlock the potential of a financial advisor and receive a lot of cash bonuses.

Types of bonuses:
– Quick Start Bonus
– Direct Bonus
– Binary Bonus
– Ranks & Rank Bonuses
– Matching Bonus

Any QubitTech user can become a platform affiliate by just simply registering an account and activating the Affiliate Program Dashboard.

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